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The Watch Hut Discount Codes These are lovely watches, and it … Read more. Meathotukdeals Had another look for myself and the banner says.. Meathotukdeals Oh well said Code applied but didn't reduce anything. Also has free next day delivery and extended Christmas return dates. Jono88 0 0 Comments. Excludes smart watches. Just ordered myself a watch y alphamike Thanks for posting y.

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Valid when you spend GBP or more. Candrew 0 0 Comments. Great discount for fathers day use especially coming up! Includ… Read more. Streekie 0 0 Comments. SvenVA 0 0 Comments. Full Priced items Only. Do you have what it takes to be a community VIP? Win some hotukdeals goodies every month! It's the hotukdeals Halloween Flamedeer Hunt - win prizes including iPhone 11 magicjay19…. Halloween Flamedeer trading thread - win prizes with hotukdeals! How do I sell to CEX ianshona. Text from Paym - "Somebody tried to send you money Any idea what it means?

Tongue ring question: How long can you leave it out before UV Nail Drying Lamp Help 2 Buy Window Scheme.. How long would a Hamilton manufacturer warranty be? If you were to buy a Hamilton from there for example, you would not be covered by the official Hamilton warranty so you could not send it to Hamilton for repair etc.

Don't feel to bad about the creation watch deal, u are bound to be stung by customs, there is no way around it whatever option you choose, it'll end up costing the same as the ebay deal and will take longer to be delivered. I'm just waiting for adjustment tool to get it right. I'm wearing it like 50 cent atm.

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I do laugh at their prices.. Tongue ring question: How long can you leave it out before When clicking this gear icon you can find other ways to view the deals. Baldricky Different cases yes, but I assumed you had not nailed down a preference. It just didnt have that pop or wow factor. KP 3. Wonder what it does?

You're entitled to your opinion - I have an Eco-Drive. Ultimately it's up to the customer, you can easily find out about Automatic watches if you're new to them and decide if they fit in with your lifestyle and preference. Personally I wouldn't bother with DHL.

Edit: Had to come back to find the links - replied on another device earlier : As for folded link bracelet size adjustment, I've had mixed success for me, the same as my experience with pins and collars bracelets , some are easy - some have been difficult.

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I did the same and royal mail have dropped a customs charge to pay card. Nice enough watch for the money so heat added, having said that, from my perspective buying a Citizen without Eco Drive seems a little pointless.

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Think that's a few years ago, though. Fingers crossed for you that yours slips through unnoticed fierce. That's rubbish especially about Royal Mail , and means it's less desirable for UK customers to order from there now. Still, glad mine turned up without fees. Wearing it today as it happens! Looks like RM are catching out a lot of people with Creation orders now. Creation watches used to declare that the contents where 'measuring devices' on the customs declaration and that helped to avoid extra duty, they now correctly declare the item is a watch so once it hits UK customs it sounds the vat duty money bells.

Here's a more in-depth review from Long Island Watch originally thought he was only reviewing the White NHA, but he's going through all the colours in the range. He talks about the Blue NHL from Super close-up from this video Marc confirms the bracelet has solid links, no micro adjustments, though. Please stop posting these deals, I can't keep buying watches! For the first time in my life I know how some ladies feel about shoes!

I've ordered numerous watches from Creation over the years, mostly auto's and i always want the proper box with them. It was good while it lasted with DHL shipping, never getting caught for import taxes. Of course thats all changed now, so i would only order now from Creation if the watch was exceptionally cheap compared to uk and i would add in the taxes to the price.

You have to pay extra for the branded box. Notice that Creation now say "with folding watch box and watch pouch" at Checkout. More of a chance avoiding it with that shipping than DHL, but its no means certain i assume you never got the box with it?

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I got a Seiko 5 a few months ago without charges via Free Registered Airmail. Though I know it's hit and miss.

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I have a Hardlex! He would be a candidate for the Savvies. Might order one and quietly put it on one of his mineral glass watches. Just for info the Savvies watch glass protectors are just a thin plastic film that come in various diameters. Watch Deals & Special Offers: Watches

An individual film can last for about 2 years and will keep your watch face in good nick whatever type of glass you have in it. They are ultra clear and virtually invisible. Have been using them for years. Mine came without a watch box though, so getting that for an extra fiver isn't too bad tbh. Interested to know how failsafe this is. What's an Onkyo? Is that one of those unheard off brands trying to compete with Panasonic lol.

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lll➤ Watch deals & offers in the UK ⇒ October ✅ Get the best discounts, cheapest ££%Watch Shop Deals Never miss a 'Watch' deal again !. llll➤ Watch Shop deals & offers for October ✅ Get the cheapest price for products and save money ✅ Your Shopping Community ➤ hotukdeals.

I bought a Seiko divers watch from these guys about 4 years ago. Cant fault it and less than a 3rd of a high street store price. Didn't get charged import taxes but it took about 3 weeks to arrive. When my current watch fails i'm clumsy I will buy from them again.

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Therefore selecting Royal Mail is almost always a better option. Incredibly easy unless yours is particularly stiff like my Seiko 5 was - I'll avoid making it into a double entendre :D From Marc at Long Island Watch talks you through it. Took me five minutes tops. I didn't bother doing the micro-adjustment, but I'm impatient! I have this in my bag to take up to my sister's tomorrow she has a few folded-links watches. All you need is a very thin flat head screwdriver, pliers and a hammer - doesn't have to be exactly the same as mine. I've seen people demonstrate removing them with a nail if they don't have any tools to hand.

The pliers I have are particularly helpful as they're curved. This "resize your bracelet with household tools" video might be more your thing - at Edit: I should also say if you're taking a few links off, take links off each side, so the watch doesn't sit unevenly on the wrist. If that makes sense. Eg, if you're moving four links - take two off the left side, two off the right side.

Any tips on removing the links please? Sometimes the teal does look very pale indeed. Ordered late Sunday and arrived this morning. To be fair on Creation Watches and their pictures, this one is quite hard to get an accurate photo of the dial colour, as it looks dark in some lighting conditions, and more vibrant in sunlight. The Teal colour also has the same sunburst effect as the Navy Blue dial.

Edit: Second attempt at a folded-links bracelet adjustment. They came out like butter and it took me about 10 minutes - compared to the really stubborn Seiko 5 which was my first try. So, persevere gave up with the former and took it to Timpson, though. Wearing it today and will test the Lume later. Love the colour of the dial. Yet Another Edit: Forgot to report back on the lume. Okay, it's not Seiko Lumibrite but I found it adequate enough, I have far worse in my collection. No was genuine question. I keep my eye on creation for it, and have been hovering on a buy for a while now!

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Another Edifice at a bargain price. Posted 24th Oct Posted 24th Oct. Cunning-Stunts Baldricky Of course if you really want an orange Seiko Diver, the road to enlightenment is the way of the Samurai. Jeff Yep, i think its a stupid name, but its what has stuck. Jeff That wasn't the original Monster, its the 2nd generation one.